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I Thought Hypnosis Was Fake

The first time I ever saw a stage hypnosis show was on television.  I saw a famous stage hypnotist named Pat Collins on the "Lucy Show."  She hypnotized about 10 or so people.  They were doing strange things like believing their chair was hot and forgetting how to count.   I also saw a live show at a comedy club and it was even more funny.  Although both times I saw stage hypnosis shows I thought they were funny, I have to admit that I thought it was all fake.    

Formal Training Proved To Me That Hypnosis Is Real

Several years passed, but my interest in hypnosis was always present.  I was searching for information one day on the internet and came across a web site for a hypnosis school in Wisconsin called the Hypnosis & Wellness Center.  The school is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and owned by a very well respected Hypnotist named Charlene Ackerman.  I called to talk with Charlene and realized during my conversation that I wanted to become NGH certified in hypnosis.  During my certification training, I learned that we all experience a state of hypnosis at least twice each day.  In fact, the state of hypnosis as experienced by our brain waves can be measured scientifically.  I enjoyed my training and all that I learned.  Simply put - I was "hooked on hypnosis."

Trained And Willing To Do Stage Hypnosis

Now that I was trained in hypnosis and I knew how to hypnotize, I wanted to use my skills to perform stage hypnosis shows in the form of comedy.  That is when I met a very well known hypnotist on the internet from New Zealand named Grant Boddington.  Grant advertised a book on his site called "Simply Hypnosis".  The ad for the book said, "...purchase includes 90-days of free on-line support from Master Hypnotist Grant Boddington..."  The thought of being able to ask a real stage hypnotist questions about stage shows, routines, techniques, sound effects and many other areas was very exciting so I purchased Grant's book.  That same night and for at least the next 90-days, Grant and I exchanged e-mails daily.  After practicing with family, friends and anyone who would let me hypnotize them - I did my first show and although it ran a little bit longer than I planned - it was great fun!  I'm so thankful that I had people like Charlene Ackerman to teach me the fundamentals of hypnosis and Grant Boddington to teach me how to use hypnosis on stage. 

Giving My Audience Something To Laugh About Is What I Love The Most

I really enjoy performing on stage and giving people something unique to laugh about.  We have fun at every show whether its a school event such as a post-prom party, a corporate event such as a holiday party, a private party such as a birthday or a public show at a night club.  I am always amazed after every show when people crowd around to ask me questions about hypnosis.   When people leave my show, they are "buzzing" with laughter and amazement.  I'm happy to give people something to laugh about and I'm also glad to spark their interest in the power of hypnosis.


Comedy Hypnotist Dave Bishop