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Is hypnosis real?

Yes.  Hypnosis isn't something you believe in or you don't believe in.  Your brain waves can actually be measured to determine if you are in a hypnotic state or not at any given time.  In fact, each day we all experience a form of the hypnotic state right after we wake up and just before we go to sleep.  When you are in a hypnotic state, you are very suggestible which means that your subconscious mind freely accepts instructions.


Can I get stuck in a hypnotic trance?

No.  When you are hypnotized many people report complete relaxation.  Sometimes the relaxation is so deep that people who are hypnotized may actually fall asleep, just as if you fall asleep in a chair watching TV.  You will wake up from sleep just like normal.  In a hypnosis stage show, I will give you suggestions that may help you feel better and more alert in every way as I bring you out of a state of hypnosis gradually.  Many people report feeling as though they have taken a nice long nap and they report feeling very good after being hypnotized.


Will I do things against my will or tell secrets when I'm hypnotized?

No.  First of all, I won't ask you to tell secrets and I won't ask you to do anything dangerous.  You also won't do anything against your will, but you may do things in public that you may not normally do when you are not hypnotized.  For example, if you sing like Elvis in the shower at home in private and I ask you to sing like Elvis while hypnotized during a show, you will more than likely sing like Elvis because deep down you enjoy it.  If you would never-ever even think of singing like Elvis or the mere thought of doing that would bother you, more than likely you would wake up out of the hypnotic trance or you would refuse me if I asked you to sing like Elvis.  The types of things that I ask you to do on stage are all in fun.  I will never ask you to tell secrets, remove clothing or commit a dangerous act.


What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Very relaxed in my opinion.   It feels a little bit like a "drifting and dreaming" state.  Your muscles typically feel very relaxed as you become hypnotized.  When I give you suggestions to perform funny routines on stage, some people report that they don't remember doing the funny things.  Other people report that when they did them, they knew they were funny and they heard the audience applause, but they aren't sure why they did what I suggested.


Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes...sort of.  Everyone experiences a hypnotic state each day; however, not everyone who volunteers on stage enters into a hypnotic trance.  When someone volunteers, sometimes they are nervous or sometimes they have had too much alcohol.  In order to be hypnotized, it requires deep concentration and specific focus on my voice.  If someone is very nervous, he or she may have great difficulty focusing on my words.  If someone has had too much alcohol, he or she may be unable to concentrate.  Also, sometimes volunteers are pressured by their peers to come on stage somewhat against their wishes.  As a result, that person will usually not become hypnotized simply because they don't want to be on stage for whatever reason.  


Is hypnosis dangerous?

No.  Hypnosis itself is not dangerous since it is a very natural state that we all experience daily.  However, if a hypnotist isn't responsible on stage and he or she places you in a dangerous environment such as placing chairs too close to the end of the stage or placing wires in an area where you may trip and fall, you shouldn't volunteer to go on stage to be hypnotized.

Comedy Hypnotist Dave Bishop