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The following are links to some of my favorite sites.  Some of them are for hypnosis resources, but others are just plain interesting to me and hopefully you'll think so as well.  I only list links to sites that I personally use or to sites of people I personally know:

Hypnosis Related Links

Hypnosis Word:  If you are interested in hypnosis at all, then you need to visit Grant Boddington's web site.   Grant offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy products directly from his site.  He also offers hypnosis training.  Grant is also a Stage Hypnotist that I highly respect.  Early in my hypnosis career, Grant provided me with a lot of support over the internet and by phone.  I consider Grant a friend and I confidently refer other friends to his site when they ask about hypnosis information.

Hypnosis & Training Wellness Center:  Charlene Ackerman was an excellent hypnosis instructor.   She lost her battle with cancer, but she won the hearts of many with her positive attitude and her willingness to work with young people.  Charlene introduced me to Ormond McGill and arranged for him to talk with me near the end of his life and he sent me an autographed book that he wrote.  Charlene was really a wonderful person over all.   Although I don't know the person who is now running her hypnosis training school, I do know that she was inspired and trained by Charlene so I suspect she is a very good teacher.  If you are interested in learning about hypnosis and you want formal training, I would certainly consider contacting her successor.


Other Entertainers I Respect

Magic Man Dave:  Dave Wysock is an outstanding "close up" magician.  Take away the hype that you see on TV with special effects, fire and wires.  Dave does table magic that I have seen over-and-over and I still can't figure out how he does his magic.  He amazes everyone.  To top it off, Dave wears a formal magicians outfit that really gives him an entertainer's presence.   If you are having a party and you want someone to amaze your guests, then you should talk with Dave.


Health Information Sites

Doctor Oz:  I am a huge fan of Dr. Oz.  If you have never watched his show then at least visit his web site.  He offers a wealth of information regarding overall health.  He offers many resources on his site including articles, videos and links to other sites. 

Doctor Phil:  Yes I know he's not a real doctor, but he gives great advice and he tells it like it is.  He also understands the value of hypnosis.


Other Sites

How Stuff Works:   This is one of my favorite sites regarding how things work.  They have great graphics and associated videos.  If this was the only site on the internet, it would all be worth it.

Karaoke-Version:  I like to karaoke.   If you like to karaoke then this site is a great resource for instrumental tracks.   They offer a way to adjust the key of the instrumental a few half notes to help you sing in your own key.  They also have video files that can be downloaded so you can use your PC or laptop for karaoke without buying any special software.


Entertainment Directories

Festivals-and-Shows.com:   All types of entertainment, events, shows, attractions, tickets and much more.

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