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Show Requirements

A typical show requires the following in order to take place:

  • Audience:  I like to perform in front of groups of at least 100 people.  If you have a group of less than 100 people, it may still be possible for a show to take place depending on the composition of the group.  My personal requirement is that all participants who volunteer to be hypnotized are at least 16 years of age.  Anyone under 18 years of age will require a signed permission slip from a legal guardian.
  • Stage Area/Chairs:  An area that supports approximately 15-20 chairs is required.  A formal stage isn't required.   Sometimes areas in a room such as a dance floor, elevated platform or some other area central to the room will work just fine.  I have performed many shows at banquet halls, theaters, school gyms and other informal settings.  The show host is also required to provide armless and safe chairs that will be used during the show as a place for volunteers to sit.
  • Sound System:  I always bring my own sound system for groups up to about 300 people.  My sound system includes a high quality Bose L1 system, a high performance wireless microphone and customized sound effects equipment depending on the type of show.  When requested, I have also used the sound system provided by the show host such as a banquet hall public address system.   Each show is unique depending on the layout of the room, audience size and other variables.
  • Letter Of Agreement:  Once we agree on the overall terms of an agreement such as fee, show date, show start time, etc. everything will be formalized into an agreement.  An agreement must be signed before the show is officially scheduled.  Additionally, the agreement must also include a deposit as specified in the agreement to secure the show date.
  • Other:  There may be other requirements related to safety, lighting, temperature and other variables depending on the type of show and the host's environment.

Here's What Happens At A Show

A stage hypnosis typically flows as follows:

  • After the terms of the agreement are determined and the formal Letter of Agreement is signed with the required deposit, the date is secured.
  • I typically arrive at least one hour before the show to set-up my equipment and review the overall environment.
  • Once my equipment is set-up, sometimes I walk around to meet with the audience or sometimes I simply wait in a designated area.
  • When the show begins, I give what I call a "pre-talk".  That's when I explain hypnosis and what everyone can expect to see during the show.
  • We then go through a few suggestion demonstrations that are both fun to watch and they also help to prepare volunteers for the show.
  • I then invite volunteers up to the stage.  Typically, I get plenty of volunteers to fill 15-20 chairs depending on the size of the stage area.
  • Once everyone is on stage, I hypnotize them and we have a great time demonstrating the imaginations of all the volunteers on stage.
  • When I wake-up the volunteers and they return to their chairs, I trigger some post-hypnotic suggestions that cause the volunteers to continue to respond.  Lots of fun!
  • If time permits, I usually visit with people after the show to answer questions.

Events That Are Good For Stage Hypnosis Shows

The following are events where a stage hypnosis show is appropriate:

  • Corporate Events & Corporate Holiday Parties
  • High School Events (Prom, Post-Prom, Graduation, Senior Appreciation)
  • Fund Raisers & Charity Events
  • College Events Requiring Group Entertainment
  • Lounge & Night Club Entertainment
  • Any Event Where Fun Is Part Of The Agenda

Book Me

If you would like to book me for your event, please visit my CONTACT page.


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